Mr.Amrendra Pandey

DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE The achievement gap in competitive exams in our country is stark and it is persistent. A student may come from an affluent or weak background, but the competition is equally challenging for them.

Civil Services in our country are the most rewarded career option for an aspiring youth. But how do students realize their dream of Civil Services?

This is where Team “NISCHAY IAS“ plays a vital role. “NISCHAY” is the philosophy and guiding principle behind formation, integration and evolution of the TEAM “NISCHAY IAS”. Hence our “NISCHAY” is to constantly develop a standalone platform which can quantify, qualify and simplify quality education and training.

In pursuit to realize the career goals of the ambitious civil services aspirants, a structured planning and preparation module is the necessity to qualify this prestigious examination. In this context, the students need specific guidance and training along with the hard work to be well prepared in a time bound framework. In order to support the aspirants a well designed program for extensive learning and training being provided by “Nishchay IAS”. Our faculties use well proven strategies to help the diverse array of students to learn, discuss ideas, analyze and engage deeply in delivering the IAS/PCS Syllabus and Exam Pattern. During a decade long endeavour, our students have achieved consistent success and given positive feedback about the faculty and associates. Join us in our mission to eliminate the achievement gap.


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